Top Shot Sportfishing Charters

Mahi – Mahi

How We Target:

  • Trolling weedlines searching for any floating debris as well as searching for diving birds.
  • Casting live bait under pallets and seaweed rafts
  • Offshore live and dead bait chumming

Time of the Year:

Caught year round but Spring and Summer and fall are the best seasons to target them.


Mahi mahi are one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean, spawning frequently throughout the year.The Hawaiian name mahi-mahi means strong, they also have alias such as dolphin and dorado.Reaching speeds of up to 60 mph they are capable of acrobatic jumps during a fishing battle.Mahi mahiare brightly colored with neon blues, greens and yellows.

Starting just two miles off the Fort Lauderdale coastline,our team in Fort Lauderdale sportfishing charter boat will catch them in 100 feet of water, and all the way out to 15+ miles offshore. They travel in schools anywhere from a pair to over 60+ fish. Mahi can live up to 5 years, with the average lifespan 2 to 3 years. They are one of the most sought after fish in Fort Lauderdale due to their strong fighting ability and excellent table fare.