Top Shot Sportfishing Charters


How We Target in our deep sea fishing charter:

  • Kite fishing with live baits is the ultimate South Florida method for targeting sails.
  • Slow trolling live ballyhoo and fishing them over the reef from 100′ out to 300′ feet of water with our deep sea fishing charter.
  • Trolling dead ballyhoo baits.

Time of the Year:

Sailfish are caught with Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing charter year-round off Fort Lauderdale, but the largest migration happens from winter through spring.

Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing charter


Sailfish are one of the most sought after billfish in South Florida and considered a trophy game fish. our Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing charter team up and hunt in packs to round up prey. They use their dorsal fins to double in size and their bill as a weapon to slash prey. Sailfish are one of the fastest fish in the ocean, reaching speeds over 65 mph. Their dorsal fin is almost the length of their entire body. The average life span is 3 to 5 years. They hunt near the surface of the ocean and are top predators. Sailfish are catch and release only and are treasured as Fort Lauderdale’s prized and targeted fish.