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Wahoofishing trip

How We Target Fort Lauderdale wahoofishing charter:

  • Wahoofishing – Trolling lures and dead bait anywhere from 200′ to 400′ feet of water. 
  • Slow trolling live bait over and around wreck structures.
  • High speed lure fishing

Time of the Year:

Our Fort Lauderdale wahoofishing charter caught Wahoo fishes year-round and the most successful months being during the fall and winter .



These pelagic fish are known for their razor-sharp teeth and deep blue stripes. Wahoo are highly prized game fish caught off the Fort Lauderdale as close as two to three miles off the coast.Their speed in the water and high-quality meat make them a highly targeted fish.Wahoo are excellent fighting fish on light to medium tackle and their initial run after getting hooked will put any reels drag system to the test.  Their life span is 5 to 6 years, and they can grow to over 160 pounds.When hunting prey, the excited wahoo will flash or hide their blue stripes to confuse the bait fish. Wahoo are frequently caught on rod and reel in single or pairs and occasionally captured in groups of three or more.