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How We Target in Fort Lauderdale shark fishing charter:

  • Dead bait is the best method to use and we fish three baits from the bottom, mid to the surface column.
  • Heavy tackle live baiting is effective
  • Facing into the current with dead bait dragging the scent down the reef.

Time of the Year:

Sharks are caught year-round but spring and summer offer the greatest chances of hooking a big one!

 Fort Lauderdale shark fishing charter
 Fort Lauderdale shark fishing charter


There are over 500 species of shark and here are the ones caught fishing off Fort Lauderdale:

hammerhead, tiger, mako, threasher, bull shark, sandbar shark, dusky, lemon, silky, blacktip, and spinner,  All shark fishing is catch and release and it’s against the law to harvest and poses.

We practice safe and effective methods such as using circle hooks to ensure the shark was successfully caught and released unharmed. The size of the sharks can range from 3 feet to over 13 feet long sometimes weighing over 600+ pounds. Sharks offer one of the toughest fights sportfishing can offer out of Fort Lauderdale with the battles lasting over an hour. Their strong sense of smell allows sharks to detect blood in the water from miles away.