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Blackfin Tuna

Fort Lauderdale tuna fishing charter

Find the best time to target blackfin tuna with a Fort Lauderdale Tuna Fishing Charter. Don’t miss out on the action – book your trip now and experience the thrill of catching some of the biggest tuna in the ocean!

How We Target Fort Lauderdale tuna fishing charter:

  • Trolling smaller lures is very effective
  • Live baiting free swimming rigger baits and kite fishing

Time of the Year:

Best time for Fort Lauderdale tuna fishing charter to target tuna is during the spring but have a fishery from winter through summer.

Fort Lauderdale tuna fishing charter
Fort Lauderdale tuna fishing charter


Blackfin tuna are the smallest of all the tuna species, growing to a maximum size of 45 pounds during their 5 year lifespan.Fishing off Fort Lauderdale we target can target these fishes anywhere from 200 to 400 feet of water off the continental shelf. Using lighter tackle, smaller hooks and lighter leaders will produce the most success.  Tunas have sharp eyesight.Another good tactic is fishing the lures at a higher speed exciting the fish. Excellent eating fish either cooked or raw.These fish are built for speed and can reach speeds of up to 45 mph.Tunas are schooling and migratory fish found traveling off the continental shelf.