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How We Target swordfish:

  • Nighttime drifting dead and live bait with floats and glow sticks – 4 baits are staggered from 50′ down to 300′ of water
  • Daytime fishing involves using an electric LP reel and fishing the baits 1,400 to 1,700 feet down to the bottom.

Time of the Year:

In South Florida fishing off Fort Lauderdale, we have a year round fishery with the winter months providing larger fish and summer months having more hook ups per drift.

Ft Lauderdale swordfish Charters


Just twenty miles from the dock, we are fishing some of the greatest swordfishing waters in the country. Known as a breeding ground for swordfish, we fish over underwater mountains and hills with drop offs in excess of a few hundred feet. This upwelling brings nutrients and bait drawn in from the Gulf Stream. The depths we catch swords range from 900′ of water out to 1,700′ of water. Slow drifting dead and live bait at night with glow sticks and deep dropping an electric reel during the day. Swordfish have excellent vision which allows them to hunt at night and feed in depths over 2000 feet of water. Their broadbill gives a hard fight on heavy tackle and is an excellent eating fish.

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