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Fishing off Shore

Fishing off Shore early November has continued to be a good month for trolling and wreck fishing. We have been catching Mahi Mahi, Sailfish and Black Fin Tuna in depths ranging from 80 feet of water out to 500 feet of water – some days it’s easier to narrow down the bite and others there is no rhyme or reason. Bait schools continue to move down the coast. We are seeing schools of Mullet and, occasionally, getting blasted by pelagic species.

Whenever we have a steady easterly wind, there is a good chance a weed line has formed, and Mahi Mahi will be biting. We will run until we find a “fishy” area. Usually, that’s when we get jumped by packs of Mahi Mahi.

We started out this morning deep sea fishing out of Fort Lauderdale aboard the charter boat, “Happy Day Today” in 80 feet of water. This was where the blue water met the light green water.

Fort Lauderdale sightseeing boat

The first mate set out a spread of surface baits and a few deep line baits. My goal was to troll the reef, then fish towards a sunken shipwreck. As I was trolling up to the north of Fort Lauderdale, I worked out to deeper waters, and that’s when we started getting bites on the surface rigger lines and the deep planner lines. The anglers brought in some Black Fin Tunas.

Once the anglers had enough for dinner, we brought in the lines and started setting up for wreck fishing. The first mate got a live bait rig with a circle hook and sewed up a live Blue Runner.

I positioned the boat up current of the wreck and dropped the live bait down to the sunken shipwreck. It didn’t take long before the rod bent over and drag started ripping out. I had a junior angler, and he did a great job fighting this fish.

After a good battle, he brought up a really nice Black Grouper. Since they are in season, the first mate gaffed the Grouper and welcomed him aboard.

Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing charter

It was now time to head back, ending another great day fishing on board the Happy Day Today with the Top Shot Sportfishing team.

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