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Fishing in Fort Lauderdale provides one of the most exciting and adventurous ways to spend time while on vacation.  We are having good success with a combination of different techniques. Charter fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been productive with good action.  Inshore and offshore, live bait fishing, bottom and wreck fishing continue to work well.  Each day is different and one technique may work better than the other based on a multitude of factors.

Fishing Ft Lauderdale

#Black Fin Tuna

Starting out on the reef anywhere from 100’ of water out to 200’ feet of water and of course we can fish in a little shallower and out wide a lot deeper.
We have had good bites with fresh cut strips and trolling a deep planner line, the deep planner lines can dive anywhere from 30 to 70 feet down. Different size planners can also help find the right depth of where the fish are traveling, sometimes the fish are closer to the surface and in that case using a smaller size planner.  Different color sea witches can help out the bite depending on the color of the water, speed of the current, cloud cover and time of the day.  This time of the year we are seeing a variety of fish on the troll such as Wahoo, King Mackerel, Bonita, Barracuda and Sailfish.

#Nancy’s Sailfish

Trolling offshore Fort Lauderdale for Mahi Mahi has been much better month in September compared to August. We are catching larger sized Mahi Mahi and more of them.  The Easterly trade winds help push these fish closer to shore which could be 2 to 10 miles out.  On the right day with the adequate amount of time, a trip fishing offshore Fort Lauderdale will produce a nice box of fish. Also hooking and catching an offshore Skip Jack Tuna has been a common occurrence in depths from 500 out to 700 feet of water.  These Tunas provide a delicious red Tuna meat loved by all.  Decent size fish and bigger than a standard sized “football” black fin tuna.  Again having more luck on the deep planner lines compared to the surface rigger baits.  Now the surface baits are hard to beat when it comes to hooking Sailfish offshore.  A swimming Ballyhoo is a bait fish both Sails and Mahi cannot resist. Almost a guarantee when a swimming Ballyhoo is going through the spread as if its alive.  More scarce finding Sailfish in deeper water compared to fishing in 150’ of water on the reef.  Yet still we catch Sailfish all the time and all year round when trolling offshore with the occasional double and triple header bites.  Additionally catching Wahoo offshore will enhance your already good day, when adding a Wahoo to a box of Mahi Mahi what a bonus.  The deep planner lines again will be your best chances when searching for Wahoos.  I’ve had success with a baited Sea Witch, an islander with a Ballyhoo, Drone spoon or a diving Nomad lure are all good choices.

#Offshore Wahoo


#Mahi Mahi Wahoo and King