Top Shot Sportfishing Charters

We had a great week bottom fishing in Fort Lauderdale.   The Snapper fishing turned on and we had good run of Mutton Snappers.  It all started out for me when I was shallow water trolling over a rock structure.  The planner rod with a baited sea witch got a big strike and hooked and caught a 30” Mutton. We circled back over the structure and the depth sounder was lit up.  Fish were marking up off the bottom with a lot of activity.  We sent down a live bait and it didn’t take long before we had a bite.  Drag ripped off and we hauled in another 30” Mutton Snapper.   Bottom fishing with both live and dead bait works the best. 

Over the course of the week we continued to bottom fish and have good success with the Mutton Snapper bite.  These fish were up and down the reef in depths from 75 feet of water out to 150 feet of water.  Fishing in and around bottom structures as well as open bottom. In addition to the Mutton Snappers we also were catching Yellow eye snappers and Vermillion Snappers which were located on some of the deeper spots. 

Also catching some bigger Almaco and Amberjacks. Using live bait with the boat positioned over the wreck and getting bites on fish ranging from 30 pounds to 60 pounds.  First catching live bait then using the baits with a circle hook to a 24′ leader.  Sometimes making multiple drifts over the spot, but if the fish are there and they feed it’s a pretty awesome fight.  

Trolling the reef we have been catching King Mackerel and Bonita.  I have been trolling a spread of 4 surface Ballyhoo baits and two deep planner lines.  The deeper planner lines have had the most success in hooking the Kings and Bonitas.  Also trolling the reef and out to deeper depths we are seeing some Black Fin Tuna and a few Wahoos.  The Tuna and Wahoo have been traveling up the reef and we are catching them along with the Kings and Bonita.   

For big game we are targeting sharks.  Whenever customers are looking for a large fish that will put on a show we bring out the big rods and reels.  Fishing for sharks anywhere from 100 feet of water out to 400 feet of water and this usually depends on the wind, current and water color.  Using a single circle hook to the bait located on the bottom.  The circle hook will catch in the side of the sharks mouth and when released the shark will have the best chance for survival.  

If looking to book a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale with Top Shot Sportfishing Charters contact Capt. Dave Zsak to discuss fishing options for your group and availability.