Top Shot Sportfishing Charters

Fishing report for Top Shot Sportfishing Charters located in Fort Lauderdale.   The vessel is a 52′ Hatteras sport fish fully equipped with all fishing gear and electronics.

More trade winds and on shore winds have cooled down the temperatures on the water and on land.  July was the hottest month on record in Ft. Lauderdale and so far the last week of July and the first week of August have cooled down quite a bit.  It just took the wind blowing 10 to 12 miles per hour to make the fishing conditions comfortable.  The wind also helps to bring more oxygen in the ocean and we are getting more pelagic bites.  The seas have been calm with the average height ranging from 1 to 2 feet.   We have had a combination of trolling, live baiting, bottom fishing and shark fishing to make a successful fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale.
The past week we have had a good run of sharks coming through the area and almost every trip we tried for sharks we have been successful.
On July 29th, James and Cici from Texas booked a half day fishing charter.  We trolled the reef with a surface spread of baits and two deep planner lines and caught Bonita and King Mackerel.  The last 45 minutes of the charter we fished one surface shark bait and one bottom shark bait.  It did not take long before we hooked and caught this Dusky Shark.

shark fishing ft lauderdale

On July 31st, Laz and Christina from Fort Lauderdale booked a half day fishing charter and we trolled the reef and caught Bonita, Black Fin Tuna and King Mackerel.  Next we went to a sunken ship wreck which has been a structure over 50 years ago.  We live bait fished over the wreck and caught a Barracuda.  At this same wreck we had a Sandbar shark swimming around the area.  We pitched the shark a dead bait and after he circled the bait a few times we hooked the fish.  After a good battle we got the Sandbar shark along side the boat and with a pair of bolt cutters I cut the hook out of the sharks mouth.  Next we sent out a trolling spread of Ballyhoo baits and two deep planner sea witch lines.  I was working the baits up the reef in 140 feet of water when we had a sailfish hit one of our baits.  The Sailfish came jumping out of the water gave us an awesome show.  Sailfish are all catch and release and after a great fight we released the fish.

ft lauderdale shark fishing

fishing in fort lauderdale

August 2nd, Andre and his two daughters from Michigan booked a half day Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter.  We trolled the reef and caught King Mackerel and Bonita.  We had caught live bait earlier in the trip and stopped over a sunken ship wreck fishing for an Amberjack or Grouper.  The rod bent over and we hooked a nice size Barracuda.   After wreck fishing we continued trolling in deeper water and put out some shark baits, one fished on the bottom and one on the surface.  After the scent trail worked its way down the reef a Hammerhead shark zeroed in on the blood and hit the bait.  After a good battle the Hammerhead shark was brought along side the boat, we removed the circle hook and released the shark.

fishing ft lauderdale

August 4th, Kendra, Henry and Steve booked a half day afternoon Ft Lauderdale fishing charter.  We started out trolling in deeper water and had early success catching some Black fin Tuna.  These fish were out side the reef line and on a color change in 550 feet of water.  We had birds crashing and schools of flying fish getting up and out of the water.  Mixed in with the Black Fin Tuna were some medium and larger sized Bonitas.  The group wanted to try for something larger so we deployed the shark baits.  It didn’t take long before there was a dorsal fin circling the surface bait.  He made a couple passes before crashing on the bait.  The rod bent over and started pulling drag.  Kendra was the angler and she did a great job.  After an epic battle she had the Hammerhead shark along side the boat.  We were able to safely get circle hook out of the sharks mouth and after a couple pictures released the shark.  We put the trolling gear back in the water and I was fishing along an edge. The deep planner line got a big strike and started ripping out drag.  We could tell by how hard the fish hit was going to be a nicer one.  The mate had his gaff ready and from the deep we could see it was a Wahoo.  Kyle the first mate took his shot and brought the Wahoo in the boat.

wahoo fishing fort lauderdale

If you are looking for a fishing charter in Ft Lauderdale contact Capt. Dave Zsak with Top Shot Sportfishing Charters at (954) 439-8106