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Fort Lauderdale fishing report for Top Shot Sportfishing Charters.  We have had a variety of different pelagic species moving through the area.  Fishing in Fort Lauderdale can produce Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Black Fin Tuna, King Mackerel, Amberjack, Bonita, Sailfish and Sharks.  There are also number of different fishing methods to accomplish this, for example kite fishing for Sailfish, dead bait shark fishing, wreck and bottom fishing for Amberjack and trolling for Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and King Mackerel.  

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The Mahi Mahi fishing has been getting better with a frequent push of fish every time the wind blows out of the East.  The easterly wind helps to organize the weed formations as well as push these fish closer to shore.  Mahi mahi can be found as close as one mile off the Fort Lauderdale beaches and sometimes we have to travel much further to find them. 

Laura booked a 6 hour Fort Lauderdale fishing charter for her husband, friends and family.  The goal of the trip was to have some good action and hook into some Mahi Mahi.  We started the trip by trolling the reef in 150 feet of water which is always a good starting point.  This will allow us to get a better handle on the days conditions.  Wind and current play a big role in what fish are biting, depth and fishing method.  The first mate set out a spread of two deep planner lines.  These lines will dive around 50 feet down and are connected with a leader to a sea witch.  He also set out four surface baits.  The current was moving around 1.5 knots to the North.  We trolled the baits heading into the current, back and forth over the reef.  The first bite came on the long deep planner line which was a King Mackerel.  I continued to work the area and made some circles over the reef structure and hooked another two King Mackerel on the deep planner lines.  These were decent sized King Mackerel all weighing from 9 to 12 pounds.  King Mackerel fishing is exciting when the rod starts ripping off drag and getting multiple hook ups at once.  Some of the Kings are weighing up to 15 pounds.  We continued trolling the reef and hooking more Mackerel.  Every time when the planner came up to the rod tip, the first mate removed the planner, gaffed the King and put them in the fish box on ice.  Next we trolled offshore searching for any floating debris, weed lines and birds.  After trolling East for a few miles offshore I found a rip current and started trolling down the line and we ended up catching 3 Mahi Mahi.  We had another two fish on that jumped off the line.  

We are having some success fishing in Fort Lauderdale for Amberjacks.  These fish are located in and around sunken ship wrecks.  As well as any rock structures and reef lines running up and down the coast.  Using either live or dead bait and fishing a long leader with a circle hook.  First we will start by catching a few live baits, then head to one of the many structures along the coast.  Best to have a little current.  Positioning the boat up current of the wreck then slowly sending down the live/dead bait.  If the bait is dropped too fast the line will spin up.  Once hitting the bottom the mate will reel the line up off the structure.  This style of fishing is productive for mostly Amberjacks, but we will also hook Groupers, Snappers and Sharks.  We will watch the action of the rod, mainly watching the last roller guide.  Just as the bait is getting chased around the rod will start to quickly move.  Then the rod bends over and the fish is hooked.  I quickly move the boat off the wreck as this drags the fish away from getting back in the structure.   


If you are wanting to book a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale, we have the proper fishing vessel for your needs.  A 52′ Hatteras sport fish with all fishing tackle and licensing provided.  Contact Capt. Dave Zsak at (954) 439-8106 to discuss availability and fishing options.