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Fishing in Fort Lauderdale during the month of April can have exceptional angler action for many pelagic species including sailfish, mahi mahi, tuna, wahoo and king mackerel. This month is a transitional time for many pelagic species as they migrate through the Fort Lauderdale reef structures. These pelagic species will be moving through the area during this time, offering anglers excellent opportunities for offshore fishing in Fort Lauderdale.

Sailfish release flag

Sailfish release flag

Two Mahi Mahi caught while trolling offshore Fort Lauderdalee

Two Mahi Mahi caught while trolling offshore Fort Lauderdale


April sees an increase in baitfish populations along the coast of South Florida. Pelagic species are often drawn to areas with abundant baitfish, making it easier for anglers to locate and target these fish. The water temperatures in Fort Lauderdale have warmed up substantially in turn triggering an increased feeding activity. The warmer waters are conducive to increased metabolism and activity levels in fish, making them more likely to feed aggressively as an active fish is a hungry fish. April typically brings calmer sea conditions while fishing in Fort Lauderdale.

Amberjack caught using live bait

Amberjack caught using live bait over a wreck

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Calmer seas makes it easier and safer for anglers to venture offshore Fort Lauderdale and target pelagic species. Fishing in Fort Lauderdale offers a diverse range of pelagic species that can be targeted during April. Anglers may encounter sailfish, mahi mahi, wahoo, tuna, king mackerel as well as other species giving anglers the amazing opportunity for an offshore fishing adventure. 

Caught this Hammerhead shark with dead bait

Tailing Hammerhead shark and we pitched a dead bait hooking this 8 footer

Released Red Grouper as its out of season

Caught this Red Grouper while bottom fishing in Fort Lauderdale but had to release as out of season


Overall the combination of migration patterns, abundance of bait, warmer sea temps and calm seas makes April an excellent time for targeting pelagic species when charter fishing in Fort Lauderdale.  

Black fin Tuna caught trolling

Great Tuna bite while deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Amberjack caught while wreck fishing

Caught this Amberjack while live bait wreck fishing in Fort Lauderdale


Kite fishing for Sailfish in Fort Lauderdale can be an incredibly exciting and productive method. Fort Lauderdale sits along the path of the annual sailfish migration. These fish often move through the area in search of warmer waters, making Fort Lauderdale charter fishing a prime location for targeting them. Fishing in Fort Lauderdale has a close proximity to the Gulf Stream and the presence of various baitfish species create an ideal environment for Sailfish.

Sailfish hooked offshore Fort Lauderdale

Sailfish caught while live bait kite fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Large Amberjack caught over a wreck structure

Amberjack caught using live bait while fishing over a Fort Lauderdale wreck structure        

Kite fishing allows anglers to present live bait in a natural and enticing manner. The technique involves suspending baits from kites, allowing them to drift naturally on the surface. This technique mimics the behavior of injured or struggling baitfish, which can attract predatory fish like sailfish, mahi mahi, tuna, wahoo or king mackerel. Kite fishing also enables anglers to cover a large area effectively, increasing the chances of encountering pelagic species. 

Shark caught using dead bait fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Mahi Mahi about to get gaffed. Was hooked while trolling the reef in Fort Lauderdale      

Deep sea kite fishing in Fort Lauderdale relies on steady wind conditions to keep the kites flying in the sky.  We have consistent sea breezes especially during the winter months.  Sailfish are known for their acrobatic leaps and high energy drag pulling runs.  This action provides anglers the thrilling and memorable offshore fishing experiences.  

The Fort Lauderdale charter boat “Happy Day Today” is a 52′ Hatteras sport fish with all fishing tackle and licensing provided. The vessel has full tower, bridge, inside seating air conditioned salon with a full cockpit and two heads “restrooms”. To book your next deep sea fishing adventure contact Capt. David Zsak at (954) 439-8106 or check out the website at