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Sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Wahoo sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale aboard the Top Shot fishing charter.

This article is to offer some helpful advice regarding the type of fishing charter for your group. Because we catch a wide variety of fish and have different fishing methods to capture these species. Sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale we will make sure to customize your charter whereas we try to cover all bases, go for action or go for the big one, or both. Our goal is to make sure that you have a great time on the water, catch fish and come back for more!!

Sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale on a half day is a four to five hour charter; also we offer a ¾ and all day fishing charter. Typically departing at 7am or 7:30am and we fish inshore as well as offshore. When deciding what species to target for the day, keep in mind there are a number of options when sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale. We have a number of game fish such as Sailfish, Shark and Swordfish as well as edible fish like Mahi, Grouper, Snapper, Wahoo. Our action fishing takes place on the inside reef catching King Mackerel, Bonito and Barracuda. To target larger species like Shark & Sailfish, we do fish a bit more offshore and it will take longer to get the bite, yet these fish do put up a heck of a fight. When we go trolling, you will see more action. Shark fishing takes time and patience for a bite. When sending a bloody and oily fish with the sent in the water, it takes time before the large fish can find and eat the rigged bloody bait which can take a couple hours.

Of course if you have young anglers (6 to 10+ years old), we try to keep the excitement level up for their first sport fishing charter, we suggest to start by catching bait. We head to the Ft. Lauderdale sea buoy located just offshore in 115 feet of water which is 1.8 miles from the inlet. We deploy a chum bag and once the scent of the chum is in the water, the bait start to start to swarm around the boat. The nice part about bait fishing is the action right off the rip. We use ultra-light spinning tackle which makes for a fun angling fight. Not to mention the size bait fish can range from 6" to over 12". The action of catching the bait fish is always hit with the youngsters.

For a group of friends and/or family who also are looking for fairly consistent bite with action while sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale, we recommend trolling on the wreck & reef structures for King Mackerel, Bonito and Barracuda. This is best for everyone. If your group is looking for action, sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale gives your charter a more interactive and fun charter especially for the kids when targeting King Mackerel, Bonito, Barracuda among other fish. Sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale on the reef we troll 5 to 6 dead baits on the surface and two baits on a down rigger with a couple strip baits with skirted heads. The depth of water we fish is anywhere from100' to 200' of water which is only two to three miles off the beach.

We also can offer an offshore trip targeting Mahi. Sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale for Mahi is a blast when we get hooked up with a nice school of fish. If you are looking to take fish home to put on the grill and eat your catch, we recommend going offshore to catch Mahi- Mahi and Wahoo. We head offshore and go from 4 to 6 miles offshore in the Gulf Stream and will be looking for a weed line, any floating debris and diving birds which are great indicators of schooling Mahi. The spread of bait is similar to trolling on the reef, we use 5 surface baits which are Ballyhoo, using one deep line for a Wahoo and a couple spreader bars for teasers. The Mahi can range from 8 to 12 pounds with the larger ones upwards of 20 pounds. Also we will filet your Mahi and bag it up for you after the charter.

Another method of fishing is called Kite fishing. The depth can range anywhere from 125' to 225' is an excellent method to capture Sailfish. The Sails migrate from November through May, we do catch them year round, however Nov-May are the better months. Sails make for an excellent fight on light weight Shimmano TLD 25 stand up tackle, plus Sails put on an acrobatic air show. To see photos of recent catches and even going back 25+ years, check out photo album on this site.

When targeting a larger fish like a shark we use different methods. The boat is not moving and we keep the boat in the current and concentrate on the Shark bite. This year has been a good shark. Should your group want to target a Shark, we shark fish is by using dead bait, we put out one bait which could be a bloody head or a slab of meat on the bottom, one bait is measured out to be in the middle column and a bait on the surface. The blood and fish oil scent trail goes down the reef line and attracts these fish. They make for a fun, long and exciting fight and typically when we have a group of guys that have caught the other mentioned species, shark fishing is the way to go. We do let all the fish swim away unless it is a Mako which is excellent eating.

So whatever method you decide for your group, action fishing on the reef, edible catch offshore, Sailfishing with kites, dead bait sharking or even a night time Sword fishing trip. Our 46' Hatteras the "Happy Day Today" is air conditioned as well as fully iced, coolers and frig/freezer. We want everyone to have fun and most importantly our goal is to make sure that we are doing everything we can to make the most productive day for your group. Sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale is like anything else, the bite can be red hot or the bite can slow down, however you will see and as our repeat customers will testify that our goal is to make sure you have fun and catch fish on your charter.

The "Happy Day Today" established in 1980, catching fish and chartering over 30+ years, we are located at the Bahia Mar Hotel & Marina. The boat is docked in the first slip of the charter fleet on A dock. Parking is reserved for our customers which is behind the boat, everything is provided, additionally we can arrange food & beverage upon request. The "Happy Day Today" is the longest running charter sport fishing vessels in South Florida. The vessel is always kept clean and properly maintained. The success of catching fish has earned us an excellent reputation with the surrounding business and the high end 5 star hotels. We encourage you to call us with any questions about the charter. Get the most up to date information about the current bite, weather conditions, the availability and or booking reservations.

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