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Snapper fishing out of Fort Lauderdale Florida


Snapper fishing out of Fort Lauderdale Florida
Snapper fishing out of Fort Lauderdale Florida

We have had some good days fishing for Snapper off the reefs of fort lauderdale over the last couple weeks. We try to keep a close eye on the weather, tide and current. This really does determine a good snapper bite to an even better bite. With a knot of current and 10mph of easterly wind, typically we can count on a decent catch. Fishing out of Fort Lauderdale, we grab three to four blocks of chum, find a good area either North or South of the inlet in anywhere from 90' of water to 50' of water. The better snapper spots are when you can mark peaks and valleys in 70' of water with the sounder dialed in correctly, you will actualy mark your fish.

Ft. Lauderdale does have some great fishing for snapper. Anchoring is very important, obviously staying on the rock/reef structure. Then start deploying all your lines. Using couple oz to get to the bottom and the Yellow tails are on the surface.

Addtionally when the leaded bait (knocker rig) goes screaming off, good chance its a Mutton Snapper most favorite meat with just about everyone. Also a good shot a catching a Grouper when fishing the Ft. Lauderdale reef structure. There are size and bag limits on both Snapper and Grouper.

If in the first 30 minutes of fishing to 45 minutes and no bites, then probably start looking for another spot. These fish dont pop up right away, however with the current and bait in the water, if no signs of life after 45 min, we make moves. Typically within 10 to 20 minutes we are catching fish.

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Date Added: 2011-05-14
Type of Fishing: Bottom Fishing
Charter Service Name: Top Shot Fishing
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Captain: Dave Zsak
Region You Fish: Inshore Fort Lauderdale Waters
Biz Phone: 1-954-439-8106

Any questions or booking information? Please contact Capt. Zsak at (954) 309-7457