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Shark Fishing in Fort lauderdale Happy Day Today


Shark Fishing in Fort lauderdale Happy Day Today
Shark Fishing in Fort lauderdale Happy Day Today


Dr. Burg and Julie Weaver reserved the charter boat “Happy Day Today” for an offshore fishing charter. When they arrived, we discussed what Dr. Burg and Julie would like to catch. Some eating fish, little action and if possible a larger game fish. Upon leaving the dock, we headed offshore for Mahi Mahi. We started out in 200’ of water and worked the areas offshore. We ended up catching 4 Mahi Mahi. After an hour offshore, we headed inshore to capture some King Mackerel and Bonito. Successfully we were able to capture another 4 Bonito.

After about two hours into the charter, we decided to target the larger game fish. So we headed to the deeper shark grounds in 375’ to 400’ of water. We deployed three shark baits, one on the bottom in 370’ of water, one at a mid depth around 150’ of water and one was located on the surface. Also we set out a kite with three Goggeyeles.

It took about an hour and then all of a sudden we got a bite on the mid depth bait. The rod bent over and line started screaming off the reel.

Dr. Burg was very excited and was ready to jump into the fighting chair and was ready to start fighting the shark. With the help of Jeff the mate, and Julie, we cleared all the other lines (deep line, the kite rods, the surface lines among others).

After a good while of fighting the fish, we were able to get the shark along side the boat, safely take the hooks out and get a good measurement of the shark. After we got plenty of photos and everyone was happy as could be, we released the beautiful Hammerhead back into the water to be fought another day.

Thanks again to Dr. Burg and Julie, we are looking forward to having you back again in the future to fish with us again.

If interested in an offshore fishing charter, please contact Capt. Zsak at (954) 309-7457 or visit us at our website at

Date Added: 2013-05-02
Type of Fishing: Offshore Fishing
Charter Service Name: Top Shot Fishing
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Captain: Capt. Zsak
Region You Fish: Offshore Fort Lauderdale Waters
Biz Phone: 1-954-309-7457

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