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Report for the charter fishing boat Happy Day Today


Report for the charter fishing boat Happy Day Today
Report for the charter fishing boat Happy Day Today

Winds out of the west, northwest at 3-5 mph, putting us at a moderate chop; blue skies, 30% chance of rain in early evening; with the sun reflecting its golden rays on the water as we cleared the jetties to go out 1.8 miles to the drop off in Fort Lauderdale FL, putting us at 120 ft. at the sea buoy.

Dave Huyn and business associates from Ohio were down in Fort Lauderdale FL on a convention and decided to charter the Happy Day Today Topshot Fishing to do some deep sea sport fishing off of Fort Lauderdale FL.

With very little current, I headed towards one of our artificial wrecks off of Fort Lauderdale FL, a 97 ft. tug boat that was sunk in 1984. On our last deep sea sport fishing charter, we caught some King Fish in this area, so I decided to go back. I circled around the wreck with two plainers running deep and five surface baits. Our first strike was a 10 lb. King Fish from the long rigger, with a swimming Ballyhoo as bait. We kept fishing in this area catching a few more King Fish and Barracudas. From there, Dave asked if there were any Tunas around, so we headed towards the south off of Fort Lauderdale FL for a wreck that sits in 265 ft. of water in pursuit of Tunas. Getting close to the area, one of our plainer rods with a 3 blue reflector drone spoon bent over and one of our anglers reeled in an 8 lb. Black Fin Tuna, which makes for an excellent Sushi. With two more Black Fin Tunas and a Barracuda added to our fish box, Dave made a request for some Mahi Mahi, so off we went to the east off of Fort Lauderdale in search of floating debris, sargassum weeds or a water color change. In 700 ft. of water, off of Fort Lauderdale I found a floating tree branch. I circled the debris, and I could see some bait fish underneath. On my second swing around the debris, a Mahi Mahi attacked our rigger bait. He exited the water and his green and yellow vibrant colors glittered in the sunlight; Tim reeled in a nice cow Mahi Mahi weighing 18 lbs. Nine out of ten times, when you find a cow, the bull is close by. As I circled the branch again, the bull Mahi Mahi ate the short rigger bait and Dave reeled in a bull Mahi Mahi weighing 23 lbs.

I mentioned to Dave that he was a lucky guy because whatever he asked to catch, he caught so I suggested that he play the lottery today.

With a good catch of eating fish on board the charter boat Happy Day Today Topshot Fishing, it was time to start heading back from our deep sea sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale FL to the dock at Bahia Mar. This ends another successful and adventurous deep sea fishing charter on the Happy Day Today/Topshot Fishing in Fort Lauderdale FL with Captain Zsak.

For a successful and adventurous Fort Lauderdale FL deep sea fishing charter on the Happy Day Today, Topshot Fishing, contact Captain Zsak. - 954-439-8106

Date Added: 2011-10-17
Type of Fishing: Offshore Fishing
Charter Service Name: Top Shot Fishing
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Captain: Dave Zsak
Region You Fish: Offshore Fort Lauderdale Waters
Biz Phone: 1-954-439-8106

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