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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report, OLD PHOTOS: 19' Squid caught in 1984


OLD PHOTOS: 19' Squid caught in 1984
OLD PHOTOS:  19' Squid caught in 1984

This is an old picture of a giant squid that Captain Tommy Zsak captured. There are a good number of old photographs taken in the 1978 to 1980's to present day. If you are interested in looking at some old photos taken on the "Happy Day Today" check out the photo gallery and look for old fishing pictures.

Currently we catching Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Mackerel and some Sharks. Our average size is 10 to 12 pounds and some nice ones ranging at 25 to even 30+ pound Mahi's. Not all the time do we have a stellar day, however summertime is here and we are catching Mahi. We head offshore anywhere from 5 to 12 miles and look for floating debris or weed lines. When found, we troll around the area and at first see what the bite is during the troll. Fishing for Mahi the troll is good, however sometimes using live bait is the best. You take a live pilchard or a live ballywhoo and toss into the crowd of debris/weed. Most of the time, the fish will come right up and wack the live bait. By keeping one fish in the water offshore of Ft. Lauderdale, FL the rest of the school will stay.

Date Added: 2010-07-27
Type of Fishing: Bottom Fishing
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Captain: Dave Zsak
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