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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report, Offshore fishing for Mahi, Wahoo & Marlin


Offshore fishing for Mahi, Wahoo & Marlin
Offshore fishing for Mahi, Wahoo & Marlin

Summer time fishing offshore out of Ft. Lauderdale can be a roll of the dice. We come back with a nice catch, a couple or 0. The nice part about fishing offshore Ft. Lauderdale is that the Gulf Stream does come in tight to out coastline. For example 5 miles offshore we are fishing in 500 feet of water. So its not too far to run to get to the good deep purple water that hold weedlines, floating debris and bait. The bait attract the Marlin, Mahi-Mahi and Wahoo.

The tough part about heading 15 miles offshore is that we may not find that weedline or the floating debris that produce the nice catch. The nice part about having the Gulf soo close, we can fish in 800 feet of water and if we can not bag the target fish, we can always come inshore and fish the reef and wrecks for all other species.

Contact Capt Zsak for a charter at (954) 439-8106.

Fishing charter boat the "Happy Day Today"

Date Added: 2010-09-13
Type of Fishing: Bottom Fishing
Charter Service Name: Top Shot Fishing
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Captain: Dave Zsak
Region You Fish: Inshore Fort Lauderdale Waters
Biz Phone: 1-954-439-8106

Any questions or booking information? Please contact Capt. Zsak at (954) 309-7457