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Mahi Sailfish Shark off Ft. Lauderdale


Mahi Sailfish Shark off Ft. Lauderdale
Mahi Sailfish Shark off Ft. Lauderdale

Today our deep sea fishing off of South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale started of with winds out of the east southeast at 7-12 mph. The blue water edge was in 520 ft. of water, going from a clean green to a deep blue color.

Our charters today were employees of Hewlett Packard from the Southeast Region. We started trolling around, catching small Bonitas (Bullets) for live bait. With a dozen live Bullets swimming in our live bait well, we stopped at the blue color change. Mitch our mate put out a pattern of live Bonitas, with a Ballyhoo dredge in front of them. Out of no where, a huge dorsal fin popped up on the right long bait – it is a Hammerhead Shark. He swallowed the Bonita immediately, dumping off half the reel in a minute and a half. You could tell this was going to be a nice size fish in the 200-300 lb. class. After a 55 minute battle, Mr. Gore brought the hooked up Hammerhead Shark to the boat - He was close to 300 lbs. We took a couple of pictures with the Shark and then released him.

The following morning Cole Roberts chartered the Happy Day Today to do some South Florida deep sea fishing. We started fishing in 200 ft. of water off of the Ft. Lauderdale sea buoy in South Florida by flying two kites. Sailfish at this time of the year are migrating south – before we knew it, we had a Sailfish hooked up on one of the live Goggle Eye bait from the Kite. Mr. Roberts enjoyed the battle of bringing in the hooked up Sailfish to the side of the boat in 20 minutes. Mitch leaned over the side and grabbed the fish so that Mr. Roberts’ family could take pictures of the Sailfish. The expression on Mr. Robert’s face was very satisfying to see. Not too much longer, a second Sailfish popped up, and we hooked up our second Sailfish of the morning. Mr. Roberts’ son fought the Sailfish for 30 minutes; being a little larger than his Dad’s Sailfish, junior, with a grin on his face, told his Dad, “Mine is bigger”.

The migration of these predators will continue for the next few months; therefore, take advantage of these conditions for deep sea fishing in South Florida Ft. Lauderdale for hooking up Sailfish and Sharks.

To book a charter, call us at (954) 439-8106 and we can discuss the deep sea fishing in Ft. Lauderdale, what’s biting, and all aspects of the charter. Join us and enjoy a once-in-a-life-time experience on the Happy Day Today with Captain Zsak ––

Date Added: 2010-12-06
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