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Lures compared to trolling bait


Lures compared to trolling bait
Lures compared to trolling bait

When deciding what to choose in targeting offshore palegic species like Mahi, Wahoo and King Mackerel, fishermen in South Florida have a couple choices. Regarding the lure selection, most Ft. Lauderdale captains have the most common classic choices which are proven lures. There is the classic mold craft chugger, there is the mylar jet lure, steel jet head and Hawaiian Islander. We start fishing out South Florida out of the port of Ft. Lauderdale in 500 feet of water and head out to 700 feet.

Then there are also dead baits called ballyhoo which we are rigged naked, we put a 1/4 oz led in the chin and the Ballyhoo swim like they are alive. In Fort Lauderdale, we are fortunate to have reefs and wrecks that hold the bait.

By mooring off a ball that is anchored in 30 feet of water just above a reef (there are miles of reef for us charter fishermen to fish and catch live Ballyhoo, live Tinker Mackerel and Blue runners. All of which are good baits for any live bait application.

When we fish offshore for Mahi and Wahoo, we mix the spread with both dead bait and lures.

Additionally we use a deep line to baits to catch Wahoo. Whenever fishing in Ft. Lauderdale it is always a good to have a deep line out fishing when inshore in Lauderdale or even offshore fishing in 600 feet of water.

The target when fishing offshore is to target any area that has floating debris, weedlines or rip currents.

Inshore fishing we use similar set up fishing for King Mackerel, Sailfish, Bonito, Wahoo, and slow troll in shallow water for Grouper.

The most common lures used inshore fishing in Ft Lauderdale are 5 surface strip baits and Ballyhoo. Deep lines we use two, one is a dron spoon and the other is a strip bait with a sea witch.

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