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Low Pressures/ Cold Fronts = Sailfish


Low Pressures/ Cold Fronts = Sailfish
Low Pressures/ Cold Fronts = Sailfish

We have had a great couple days of Sailfishing out of Ft. Lauderdale. Heading out of Port Everglades with a North East Or East wind blowing 10 to 12 knots with North current with a crispy cold morning around 55 degrees, everyone has that good feeling that the fish will be biting. With a wind strength of 10 to 15, we are able to fly kites. When South Florida fishermen speak of flying kites for those who are not familiar, we use the kites where the bait fish will be splashing on the surface. Meaning, we send out a kite out of Ft. Lauderdale waters attached to a kite rod. The fishing lines that are connected to the baits are in the cockpit of the charter boat. The lines are then connected to a clip that is attached to the kite line. When a Sailfish or another palegic species that is off our coastline in South Florida, we will have a great shot at catching the fish. Reason soo effective is that the bait fish simulate a school of bait. When the predatory fish like a Sail or Mahi looks up, they see 4 or 5 live baits just on the surface. This is when we have our best luck and catch a multitude of different species off Fort Lauderdale, however we are hoping for Sailfish as they are the target species. Once the fish bites, we have our customers feed the fish and come tight by reeling in the slack then gently setting the hook, no need to jerk or rip the rod up, the hook is sharp and the fish will be hooked (hopefully, at least 75% of the time). Then the battle is on.

Once the fish is caught, we let the Sailfish go. We used to keep the Sailfish years ago, however we are into conversation and want our population of Sails to be plentful off Ft. Lauderdale. The offshore fishing has been getting better each year and a lot has to do with all parties letting these fish swim away. Now if the Sail fish comes up dead, we will keep the fish and have the meat smoked.

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Tight lines,
Capt. Zsak

Date Added: 2010-12-05
Type of Fishing: Offshore Fishing
Charter Service Name: Top Shot Fishing
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