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GATOR HUNTING our other hobbies
GATOR HUNTING our other hobbies

In addition to being a full time charter boat, we also like to hunt our FL Alligators. Some of the best hunting is located here in our state of Florida and Lake Okeechobee holds a ton of Gators. We captured these two Gators on Saturday night.

The meat is eaten, the hide will be used for belts and boots and the skulls will be kept as a mount.

If hunters who like to fish ever want to discuss hunting and fishing, we do plenty of hunting on our days off and would be happy to exchange information and stories etc.

Capt. Zsak at (954) 439-8106

Date Added: 2010-09-13
Type of Fishing: Deep Sea Fishing
Charter Service Name: Top Shot Fishing
Email Guide or Angler:
Website URL:
Captain: Dave Zsak
Region You Fish: Inshore Fort Lauderdale Waters
Biz Phone: 1-954-439-8106

Any questions or booking information? Please contact Capt. Zsak at (954) 439-8106