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Ft Lauderdale fishing Happy Day Today


Ft Lauderdale fishing Happy Day Today
Ft Lauderdale fishing Happy Day Today

Mr. Jim Eastwood from Michigan chartered the “Happy Day Today” to target Sailfish, Mahi and Sharks. Starting out the morning we ordered a dozen Goggleyes from our local bait boat T&T. Goggleyes are pprobably one of the better if not best baits for Sailfish among other predatory species that we catch offshore.

The morning temperature was in the low 70's which has been about the normal temperature that we have had this year. So far This has been a very warm winter, the temperatures are averaging the middle 70's. This morning the wind was blowing from the Northwest 12-15 mph. The skies were partly cloudy, with the occasional breeze of 18 knots. The water current was pushing one knot heading to the North which is good for Sailfish. Typically in the months of Dec., through March, Sailfishing is good and probably peaking in February.

Adding wind, little wave action and bait fish is generally a good day of deep seafishing. We started fishing In 165 ft. of water just off an area called Oakland Park located off Fort Lauderdale. Where we stopped there was a perfect rip current where the water changed colors from a light blue to a very brilliant navy blue which is an indication of an excellent place to be fishing, that will allow bait to be traveling down the rip current, there will be weeds, floating debris and where there is bait, there will be Mahi, Sailfish among multitude of other species. Jim was looking to capture a nice size fish. Considering this is the time of the year to be targeting Sailfish and the bite has been good, we were happy to accommodate his wishes and target Sailfish. Setting our live bait in 165 feet of water off a wreck with the current with the current pushing us to the North and by positioning the boat just right, we are able to come close to wrecks located in depths of 155’ out to 175’ which is good because wrecks hold baitfish as well as any structure is good for all fish. We put two kites out, two Goggle Eyes from each kite and one Goggle Eye down deep about 100’ of water, the deep bait can capture anything form King Mackerel to Wahoo, Grouper and of course Sailfish. Our first bite came from the left, long kite which was a Sailfish, at first the Sail popped his Sail out of the water, circled the bait (which does not happen a lot) but when it does, is very cool to watch. After the Sailfish fed, the line started screaming off the reel, as he tail-walked away from the boat literally jumping and as he was jumping and his tail was moving radically, it’s a fun show for all to watch. Twenty-five minutes later, the Sailfish was brought to the side of the boat by and did a great job angling the fish. Our first mate Dave Jackson, leaned over the side and grabbed the bill and brought the fish into the boat for a picture. The Sailfish measured out to be 97” long. We released the fish and John decided to do a replica mount and let the fish live to be caught another day.
With added a couple Mahi Mahi’s to the catch and the fish were averaging 6-10 lb. class, it was time to head back to Fort Lauderdale. If interested in reserving an offshore charter please check out the site at and contact Capt. Tom or Dave to reserve a charter.

Date Added: 2012-01-29
Type of Fishing: Deep Sea Fishing
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