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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Blackfin Tuna Report


Fort Lauderdale Fishing Blackfin Tuna Report
Fort Lauderdale Fishing Blackfin Tuna Report

During the months of September, October and November there is great blackfin tuna fishing in Fort Lauderdale. The blackfin tuna run does not always have a strong grouping of fish, however when the current is strong and the bait is heavily concentrated off Fort Lauderdale the blackfin tuna will feed in water from 200' to 600' feet of water.

Most captains will look on the depth sounder and will see groupings of tuna, what the depth sounder shows is a large spot on the screen which indicates that Tuna are below the boat. The hard part is locating the Black Fin, then off Fort Lauderdale, we use two different ways for the black fin tuna fishing. You can troll with ballyhoos going about 7 mph with jet head with feathers.

Or another option is to take the boat out of gear and use live bait to bring the school of fish up to the surface. Fishing for Tuna can be very fun but also can at times be tough. The worst is when we locate a nice pile of Tuna and they will not feed. Not sure why, but when they are feeding the tuna fish bite good. At other times, we have seen giant schools of Tuna and not have had any to feed.

Additionally to catching tuna offshore in deep water, we also will fly fishing kites using live bait which will produce tuna as well.

Here is a picture of Kathy with a 15 pound Black Fin. This was Kathy and her husband's first time fishing in Fort Lauderdale and were able to take home with them some fresh tuna.

Date Added: 2010-10-05
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