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Fishing report in fort lauderdale fl


Fishing report in fort lauderdale fl
Fishing report in fort lauderdale fl

Early June fishing report.

June has started out with a good Mahi-Mahi bite. We are catching Mahi off the reef in 150 to 250 feet of water. When we head offshore in deep sea water ranging from 6 to 8 miles offshore, that is where we are getting the limit of Mahi. Average fish ranging from 10 pounds to 14 pounds with the occassional 20+ pounders. There has been good current offshore of Fort Lauderdale FL. We head offshore of lauderdale and troll to the South. The current is about 3 knots. When targeting Mahi offshore of ft lauderdale fishing, we are looking for any current change, weed line, birds, slicks or floating debris.

There are two methods of targeting Mahi offshore of Ft. Lauderdale, FL we are trolling two skirted strip baits long. The two short baits are naked Ballyhoo as well as using two teasers from the bridge. Fishing in fort lauderdale, the key is to read the water. Know where and why to fish an area. There are certain indicators that will eventually produce fish.

Once we find the Mahi, we troll and catch the fish on the troll. Once we have a couple fish hooked up, of course the biggest ones in the boat. By keeping one fish in the water, the school of fish will stay with the boat. Then we deploy live pilchards and chuncks of Ballyhoos in the water. The pack of Mahi will continue to bite and when its good, the deck will be bloody. Other times we will pick away and have a handful of Mahi. Most importantly is to keep the live Mahi hooked up in the water just off the transom. Second is to continue feeding the fish. Mahi will feed and feed till they are hooked.

We recommend a six hour trip leaving the dock at 7am for a Mahi charter. That way we can get offshore and "hopefully be in the meat". The bite is not always great, some trips we only catch a couple. However the odds are on your side when it comes to catching nice size Mahi off fort lauderdale in deep sea waters. When fishing in fort lauderdale fl, we have multiple options of how to approach a trip. Just give a call and we can discuss if the bite is good, average or great. Also there is always the Wahoo that is deeper below the pile of debris, dont forget to troll the wahoo lure or spoon and chances are one of three times, you will catch yourself a Wahoo or two to add to the lot.

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Date Added: 2011-06-05
Type of Fishing: Offshore Fishing
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Captain: Dave Zsak
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