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Fishing report ft laudetdale


Fishing report ft laudetdale

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. ***THREE FOR SIX****

A gorgeous sunny day here in South Florida Ft. Lauderdale. The wind was out of the east 3-6 mph, making for calm waters.

Tom Coyne, Sr., his son, Tom, Jr., and a guest, Fred, all from the west coast of South Florida decided to go on a 6 hour deep sea fishing charter here in Ft. Lauderdale. We started off getting a dozen baits and the plan was to go fly the kites for Sailfish, that being our main target. Looking at the wind, hoping it would increase in speed to fly the kites. Even with a 20 lb test kite line and an extra light wind kite, there still was not enough wind to fly the kite, so I decided to do the “old school” style Sailfishing. Back in the early 70’s, before the notoriety of kite fishing was established, our live baiting was done from the riggers with dredges for teasers. With no current and no wind, this was the only other productive way to hook up Sailfish. The spread was four Goggle Eyes, two of them very close to the dredge teasers, the other two were 50 feet behind them.

Working the wrecks again with no current, the wrecks will hold the bait fish and in return the pelagic fish will be there feeding. All of a sudden a Sailfish appears on the right dredge - his dorsal out of the water, checking out the dredge of Ballyhoo. With a blink of an eye, the right short rigger comes out, screaming off line as we were hooked up with the Sailfish. Being an experienced angler, Fred decided to fight his fish standing up. Suddenly, the left short rigger was down - it is a double header Sailfish!! Tom Jr. was hooked up on his first Sailfish. Both fish putting on a spectacular show, seeing the fish coming out of the water with the sun gleaming down on their neon bodies made for great picture taking. Fred was still fighting his fish. I looked down at Tom Jr. and his line went slack. Mitch, the mate, told Tom Jr. to wind faster, but it was too late, the fish spit the hook. “That’s all right, Tom - that always happens on your first Sailfish - the next one you will get.” I said. At that, Tom Sr. said the next fish was his. Fred brings his hooked up fish to the boat and pictures are flying. “Release the fish quickly”, I told Mitch - “let’s get back on the wreck and catch some more Sailfish.”

Date Added: 2011-01-03
Type of Fishing: Offshore Fishing
Charter Service Name: Top Shot Fishing
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Captain: Dave Zsak
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