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Fishing Charter with Ruth Sorenson and her two grandson


Fishing Charter with Ruth Sorenson and her two grandson
Fishing Charter with Ruth Sorenson and her two grandson

Fort Lauderdale Fishing on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak

As the Happy Day Today leaves the dock in Fort Lauderdale FL to do some deep sea charter fishing with Ruth Sorenson, husband and two grandsons, Michael, 10 years old, and David, 14 years old, from Washington state, Ruth remarks how beautiful the weather is – with winds out of the east, southeast at 7-10 mph and powder blue skies. Ruth and her husband were rewarding their grandsons for doing so well in school and had gone to the Keys, then to Fort Lauderdale to go deep sea fishing and afterwards Disneyworld.

The boys were familiar with fishing and the enthusiasm was high - the first strike came on the plainer rod with a double hook Ballyhoo with a sea witch on it. As Michael reeled in the first fish – a 12 lb Bonito – the second plainer rod bent over and David brought to the boat a 7 lb King fish.

I circled the area again and three more surface baits simultaneously got hooked up with three Bonitos. All of the action was in 120 ft. of water, south of the Fort Lauderdale sea buoy. We kept working the area, catching more Bonitos and more King fish and the two boys jested on who had caught the biggest fish.

The plainer rod bent over again and David was the angler. As he reeled in the fish, it was a 30 lb. Barracuda - pictures were taken and the fish was released. Now it was Michael’s turn – one of the surface baits pulled out of the outrigger and I could see a Mahi Mahi jumping. While Michael was bringing the Mahi Mahi to the boat, I could see another Mahi Mahi swimming with it. Mitch, our mate, threw a bait to this second Mahi Mahi, hooked it and now it was David who was the angler. Mitch gaffed both fish and put them in the fish box, as Grandfather Sorenson remarked what a great dinner they would have that night.

With a total of 18 fish caught, it was time to start heading back from our deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale FL to the dock at Bahia Mar. This ends another successful and adventurous deep sea fishing charter on the Happy Day Today with Captain Zsak.

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Date Added: 2011-07-11
Type of Fishing: Deep Sea Fishing
Charter Service Name: Top Shot Fishing
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Captain: Dave Zsak
Region You Fish: Inshore Fort Lauderdale Waters
Biz Phone: 1-954-439-8106

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