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Edible fishing or Sportfishing off Ft. Lauderdale


Edible fishing or Sportfishing off Ft. Lauderdale
Edible fishing or Sportfishing off Ft. Lauderdale

Fishing out of Ft. Lauderdale we have the luxury to have both edible and game fish or sport fish.

The most common edible fish we catch are King Mackerel (on scale of 1-10, i give them a 4). King Mackerel are very oily and their meat does not keep well for over 2 to 3 days. Then we have Tile fish, i personally not a big fan, but some fishermen out of Fort Lauderdale would say they are great. We catch the Tiles offshore fishng in deep sea waters off Fort Lauderdale in 700 to 800 feet of water.

Snapper are good and I like grilled Snapper, I would gviapper a 7 to 8 out of 10. We also have Mahi- Mahi (also called Dorado or Dolphin) and from 1 to 10 scale, I would say they are upwards of an 8 of 10. Wahoo are just up there with the Mahi-Mahi and Wahoo rank upwards of 8 to 10 also. Cobia is one of my favorite and we are catching them now and has been one of the better seasons for Cobia. I personally give a Cobia a 8 to 9 out of 10. Swordfish are another one of my favorites and have to give ol pumpkin swordie a 9 of 10.

And of course Tuna are probably everyone's top number three best eating fish. There are a ton of different ways to cook each of the mentioned fish above. Some of our local Fort Lauderdale restaurants serve and will cook yorr catch. In fact there is a the Bahia Cabana which is located next to teh fising dock and you can bring your catch there for the chef to cook up.

No regarding the sport fishing or the game fishing, these fish we are going after for the sport. For example the charter boat "Happy Day Today" has already caugth around 50 Sailfish this season. There have only been three kept. The fish came up dead and instead of letting go dead, we have a local ft. Lauderdale fish smoke house where you can have your fish smoked. ALos the game fish that we target are Sharks, Amberkack, Barracuda, Marlin and other species that are not edible. The only time our charter boat keeps a fish is if it can be used for bait, like a King Mackerel (oily fish) and Bonito. THey make great strip baits, chum and shark baits. they literally dont go to waste at alll.

If you would like to further discuss a fishing charter, please contact Captain Tom Zsak or myself David Zsak to go over details, whats included, what to bring and what we are catchingl

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Date Added: 2011-02-11
Type of Fishing: Inshore fishing
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Captain: Tom Zsak
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