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A couple Sailfish for the Braynt family


A couple Sailfish for the Braynt family
A couple Sailfish for the Braynt family

Winds have been out of the northeast for the past couple of days pushing blue waters into our first reef. T. Braynt and wife from the west coast of Florida has been reading our fishing reports and decided to charter the Happy Day Today and the Topshotfishing team to catch his first Sailfish, T is an experienced fisherman and needed to add a Sailfish to his collection. Mr. and Mrs. Braynt from then West Coast of FL came over to the East coast to visit friends and take a half day charter fishing. This last Sunday was blowing a strong 15 to 20 knots, however these are favorable conditions for a Sail bite.
We left the dock and stopped in Port Everglades at the bait boat out of Fort Lauderdale to purchase a dozen Goggle Eyes, the Gogs make a great bait for kite fishing. With the Goggle Eyes in our live bait well, 10 minutes later we were sitting in 180 ft. of water north of the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale FL. With two kites up, two live bait from each kite and one live bait from the outrigger, we sat and waited for Mr. Ts first Sailfish to arrive. With a couple of chop offs, little current and hearing on the VHF radio a few Sailfish being caught from 100 ft. out to 400 ft., I knew it was time to make a move. We reeled in our kites and headed out to a wreck that sits in 385 ft. of water north of the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale FL. I could see schools of Flying fish exiting the water and decided this was the area to reset the two kites. Mr. T sat in the fighting chair waiting and sharing fish stories with Dave Jackson who works a couple days on the boat among other boats on our fleet. Then on the right short we saw a Sailfish, as its dorsal fin circled the live Goggle Eye. From the corner of my eye there appear another Sailfish on the right long then the fun started. It is a double header two Sailfish on at the same time!!! Mr. & Mrs. Braynt were hooked up and at the same time, what a great trip for them, they were happy and we were happy for them. Both Sailfish took turns tail walking all over the ocean what a site!!!!!
We brought in the other fishing lines to avoid tangles and allow Mr. & Mrs. T to fight the Sailfish. Mrs. T brought her Sailfish to the boat first and was released quickly, while Mr. T continued to do battle with his first Sailfish. I backed down closer and closer to the Sailfish with waves coming over the Transom. Finally the Sailfish was caught and this was a super trip for the Braynts who both caught their first Sails and specifically wanted to and have been wanting to catch a Sail for a long time.
With two Sailfish flags flying on the charter boat Happy Day Today, it was time to start heading back from our deep sea fishing trip.
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Date Added: 2011-11-15
Type of Fishing: Deep Sea Fishing
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Captain: Dave Zsak
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