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Fort Lauderdale Kite Fishing

All year round we kite fish in Fort Lauderdale. Most popular in Southern Florida waters it has made its way up to the North East U.S. coast, the Bahamas, Caribbean, Central Pacific and other far reaching destinations. Simple enough when all goes well and can be the most effective live bait method when fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna and Mackerel. When all goes wrong kite fishing can bring quick arguments coupled with a giant tangled mess. In Ft Lauderdale, we have wind year round. Stating the obvious that without wind our kites will not fly and will have to use alternate fishing plans. So when the wind is blowing 5mph up to 30 mph we are kite fishing.

Selecting a kite based on the wind speed (extra light, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy winds). As we let the kite up and away from the boat, two clips are attached to the line and spread about 30 feet apart. The clips are simple release clips that with enough tension will release the line from the clip and a fish pulling hard in any direction will release the clip and you are fighting the fish one on one.

So we are fishing off Ft Lauderdale in 140 feet of water and two kites are set. One set off to the Left and the other to the Right. Most of the time we fish two baits per kite, in tournaments we fish 3 baits per kite. Now there are two types of leaders we use on our Fort Lauderdale charter boat trips, one is wire and the other is monofilament. Both of which are 8 feet long and attached to the swivel which are either a colored ribbon or a cork, both are effective and both are widely used. The ribbons are used so the fisherman can see where the bait is set in the water. If you can’t see the ribbon, then the bait is too deep. Usually when fishing in Ft Lauderdale you will want the bait on the surface or just below. If you loose sight of the fishing ribbon, the bait is too low.

Now that you are set up off a wreck or rip in 100 to 150 feet of water you are fishing.
Not to be specific on one fish, we will be general with how the fish will feed. You will either see the a dark shadow below your bait, an explosion, a dorsal fin, or simply the ribbon moving to one direction. Once you are feeding the fish, give yourself a 5 to 10 second count (varys with every species) and lock the gear, start reeling and come tight on the line and then yell got’em on.

There are numerous tackle shops in Fort Lauderdale where all this kite fishing tackle can be purchased.
Our charter boat has been kite fishing for over 25 years which is about how long this particular method has been around.

Good luck fishing, hope to see you on the water and if you need a charter on the “Happy Day Today” please do not hesitate to call with any bookings (954) 439-8106

Tight lines,

Captain Tom Zsak
Charter boat “Happy Day Today”
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

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