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King Mackerel Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

The King mackerel "SMOKERS" are one of the most sought after gamefish in the Atlantic and Gulf of mexico waters and especially in Fort Lauderdale fishing grounds. The Mackerels are true members of the tuna family. The slender and streamlined fish is unmatched for their speed and agility and are known as a great deep sea fish. They are found near shore and offshore and are common from north Carolina to Brazil.

The King is a schooling and migrating fish that spends the winter months in South Florida and moves to northern waters in the spring and summer. The Kings are constantly feeding carnivores that can attack with high speeds, powerful jaws and razor like teeth. The common live bait is Goggleye, Blue Runner, or Hard Tail, Herring, and Ribbon Fish.

Trolling in depths of 70 to 200 feet of water is the range for Kings. The best depths for Fort Lauderdale fishing is around the 100 to 120 mark. The artificial bait that works great is a sea witch with a strip of Bonito. Using a long 40' shot cord and a planer will be very productive in our South Florida waters.

If you deep sea fish with live bait, the best chance of catching multiple different species like Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Cobia, Wahoo, and of course King mackerel. While using live bait it is best to use a 7' wire leader. The razor sharp teeth of the King mackerel usually can not bite through the wire. Also a good idea is to use an extra piece of wire which we call a stinger rig. The extra piece is attached to the lead hook and is secured in the lower back side of the bait. Deep sea Kingfish off Ft Lauderdale are known for feeding on live bait and will chop the bait in half. By using the stinger the chance of hooking the King is much better.

A good place to start fishing for King Mackerel is off any structure. The structure holds bait and by either slow trolling or live baiting over the structure there is a good chance you will get a bite and the line will smoke off the reel hence the nickname "SMOKERS".

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