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Fort Lauderdale Fishing aboard the Happy Day Today Charter
boat is the ULTIMATE sport fishing adventure!
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s_y_1541165184Mixed Bag Chase (1).jpg

s_y_1540474177Mixed Bag Mike 10-21-18 (1).jpg

s_y_1539867043aj steve (2).jpg

s_y_1539865548Mixed Bag Tim 10-14 (1).jpg

s_y_1539692906snapper cory.jpg

s_1539692906mixed Bag Mark 10-14 (1).jpg

s_1539007058Grouper Marvin2 s (1).jpg

s_1539007058Grouper Marvin s (1).jpg

s_y_153868661420181003_ (3).jpg

s_y_1538573675Sailfish Allen (1).jpg

s_1538573675Bull Shark Ernest2 s (1).jpg

s_1538130006mixed game.jpg

s_y_1537959729sailfish luis2.jpg

s_y_1537959728sailfish luis.jpg

s_y_1537616527sailfisf 9-20 dock.JPG

s_y_1537616526shark ersnt  9-21.jpg

s_y_1537444623IMG_0179 (3).jpg

s_y_1536969902Shark Vicki.jpg

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Any questions or booking information? Please contact Capt. Zsak at (954) 439-8106