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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charter

Fort Lauderdale Fishing aboard the Happy Day Today Charter
boat is the ULTIMATE sport fishing adventure!
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s_1249332280Sailfish for gallery.JPG

s_y_1247862762Swordfish for gallery.JPG

s_1247862739Shark swiming away.JPG

s_1247862699sail on site 4.JPG

s_1247847219Article king shot.JPG

s_y_1247847217mudshark 060.JPG

s_y_1247846918Kings on dock.JPG

s_y_1247846916sword for site.JPG

s_y_1247846750King for site.JPG

s_1247846749article mahi shot.JPG

s_1247846663sailfish gallery 2.JPG


s_1247846570Smiling charter.JPG

s_y_1247846112Shark for site.JPG

s_y_1247846054tuna for site.JPG

s_1247845949Wahoo for site.JPG

s_y_1247842285Sail feeding

s_y_1247842187Jumping Sail

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