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Fort Lauderdale Fishing aboard the Happy Day Today Charter
boat is the ULTIMATE sport fishing adventure!
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s_y_1535056022Tiger Shark Todd Molly (1).jpg

s_y_153505602120180823_ (3).jpg

s_y_153505602020180823_ (1).jpg

s_1534195711Wahoo Harrison s (1).jpg

s_y_1533562436Mahi Kevin (1).jpg

s_y_1532896257Shark Justin (1).jpg

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s_y_1532533144downsized_0724181157a (1).jpg

s_y_1532533144downsized_0724180904 (1).jpg

s_y_1532096035kingfish mike.jpg

s_y_1532096034Shark Toby (1).jpg

s_y_15308875927-3 scott.JPG

s_y_15308875917-3-  scott.JPG


s_1530541178Sailfish Andy2 s.jpg

s_1530541178Sailfish Andy s.jpg

s_y_15291532956-15 pm.jpg


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Any questions or booking information? Please contact Capt. Zsak at (954) 309-7457